Selling? … Manage Your Expenses

In recent years the amount of money spent fixing up a home, by homeowners wanting to sell, has been insane.

Value Of Remodeling Project

Add Bathroom (midrange)77.8%66.0%
Add Bathroom (upscale)65.9%65.5%
Bath Remodel (midrange)69.5%74.5%
Bath Remodel (upscale)52.9%65.5%
Minor Kitchen Remodel (midrange)100.5%90.4%
Major Kitchen Remodel (midrange)72.5%73.4%
Major Kitchen Remodel (upscale)59.6%63.3%
Deck Addition (wood)69.7%65.1%
Grand Entrance (fiberglass)50.6%80.8%
Garage Door Replacement166.1%93.2%
Window Replacement (wood)78.8%81.6%
Manufactured Stone Veneer199.4%131.4%
Roof Replacement (asphalt shingles)67.5%76.3%

As shown in the table above, a midrange bathroom remodel returned 69.5% of the cost. If you spent $10,000 remodeling your bathrooms you would have got back about $7,000, and would have essentially given $3,000 to your real estate agent to promote himself.

If you would like to watch the recorded webinar please see the webinar-net-more-when-selling and please use a real estate agent who wants you to receive more when selling your home.

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