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Welcome! I provide information about real estate in Silicon Valley. You will learn about homes for sale, recent real estate sales (through Apr 30, 2017), closing costs for home buyers and home sellers, how to get your home ready to sell, Silicon Valley school information, and useful facts about Silicon Valley cities. Many home buyers find my free real estate seminar very helpful whether they are a first time buyer or bought a home years ago.

"I believe honesty, integrity, hard work, commitment and creativity are all necessary to craft a truly successful real estate transaction. I bring passion for my work to every transaction."

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Quickly view Silicon Valley real estate market trends. Price changes are shown both on a map and in a table.

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Juliana Lee, Number 1 Top Silicon Valley Real Estate Agent

Juliana Lee

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Jenny Wan-Mernyk

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Sharon YC Lee, Top Silicon Valley Real Estate Agent

Sharon YC Lee

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Jeff Keller - Real Estate Trends

Jeff Keller

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Located in Palo Alto, the geographic center of Silicon Valley

Working with a skilled real estate agent will save you time and money. Your real estate agent will find information about homes which you don't know exist. She has spent years building a network that provides her with ways to achieve your goals.

Years ago when paper was the main source of real estate information, it was necessary for a real estate agent to specialize in a small location. Now with multiple listing service information, and with all real estate agents active on the internet, computerized searches and conversations have turned local area specialization into a disadvantage. How can you get good information from someone who never looks outside of their neighborhood?

Juliana Lee's team agents are not just Palo Alto real estate agents, they are Silicon Valley real estate agents. By having team members be specialists for different tasks, they quickly develop superior, in depth, knowledge and skills which apply to all of Silicon Valley. Juliana Lee was a computerized Palo Alto real estate agent before the internet had widespread use in real estate sales. She lives in Palo Alto less than 100 yards from the Santa Clara County - San Mateo County border, the geographic center of Silicon Valley. She has worked and excelled at many of the top Palo Alto real estate companies as an agent.

Imagine hiring a home painter to paint your home. If you were to hire a painter who never looked outside of Palo Alto, you could have a painter who knew a lot about working with the city of Palo Alto building department. Unless that painter looked outside of Palo Alto, he would not know about techniques and trends that develop in other cities until they were adopted by painters covering wider areas. Knowing how to get information from a city building department is more important than always working with one building department.

A real estate agent who knows how to get "location specific information" and has wide area experience, will nearly always be more knowledgeable and successful helping you to achieve your goals than a real estate agent who always works with people in only one location.

Work with a Palo Alto real estate agent and work with a Silicon Valley real estate agent to get top results achieving your goals. Give Juliana Lee a call, 650-857-1000, and chat about your goals with one of the best real estate agents, a #1 top real estate agent nationwide.

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Silicon Valley Real Estate Market Trends
- detailed city trends updated through Apr 30, 2017

Perhaps even more than before, wide area real estate market trends can not accurately portray a neighborhood or even a city. Currently cities near strong companies or numerous employers are showing significantly greater home price appreciation. The average price of a home in San Jose grew from about $340K in 1998 to about $780K in Q1 2014, an increase to about 230%. The average price of a home in Palo Alto grew from about $620K to about $2.5M, an increase to about 400%. (The average home size in Palo Alto grew about 30% while the increase was only about 6% in San Jose)

A quick approximate view of Silicon Valley real estate price trends can be obtained by looking at the San Mateo County real estate market trends and the Santa Clara County real estate market trends. The highest ever average price for San Mateo County single family homes was just reached in Q2 of 2014: approximately $1.5M ($740 per sf). The previous high of $1.27M ($650 per sf) was reached in Q3 of 2007. A weaker city such as San Bruno just reached its highest average price of about $800K ($520 per sf) in Q2 of 2014 versus the previous very similar high of just over $800K ($550 per sf) in mid 2007.

Santa Clara County prices also show strong differences between cities. County wide, the highest average price of about$1.21M ($625 per sf) was just reached in Q2 of 2014. The previous peak of about $1.10M ($570 per sf) was reached in Q2 of 2007. However look at a city having strong growth such as Palo Alto. The high average price of about $2.75M ($1300 per sf) was reached Q1 of 2014 while the previous high of about $2.0M ($920 per sf) was reached Q1 2007.

2014 has seen a good number of areas whose average price was at or a little below $800K at their peak in 2007 reach similar values. The lower priced areas have been lagging but many are showing better growth in 2014.

Cities dominated by the highest prices (Silicon Valley luxury homes) such as Atherton, Hillsborough, and Los Altos Hills tend to not follow the trends of wider areas.

Silicon Valley & Palo Alto Real Estate Market Trends

A quick view of Silicon Valley and, as a city example, Palo Alto real estate trends can be seen below. If you want to know if homes are selling over list price, or about many other trends, click on a graph and you will be able to easily reach city, zip, or neighborhood real estate trends covering many aspects.

- Click any of the graphs displayed below to jump to the information.

San Mateo County home prices: average home price and median home price
San Mateo County home prices: average home price and median home price

If you just want to take a quick look at recently offered homes for sale in various bay area cities, please visit my Silicon Valley homes for sale pages.

Juliana Lee Client Reviews


Thank you for handling the selling of our family home and the purchase of our new home. The price you negotiated for our new home was 2% below any offer we would have chanced to make


I think there are a lot of misconceptions of what makes good Realtor. IMO the Realtor should be judged on "core competencies" and "nice to have" qualities. Three qualities define core competency of a good Realtor (in case of buying a house)
- Understands your needs
- Knows market
- Can get you the house you want

Juliana scores very highly on all three. She also does well on "nice to have" part - but that is almost irrelevant imo.

She specializes in Palo Alto and the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area market, is extremely successful, and pretty much knows everyone. What I learned is that agents want to work with other good agents. This may mean that, if you are represented by someone well known, you will often get a chance for a second bid or will have preference if bids are equal. The logic is that successful agents know what they are doing and have higher chance to close the transaction. In the competitive market, such as PA, with multiple offers on properties, the difference between being represented by someone top notch vs average can be the difference between getting or not getting the house you want. In other markets where competition is not strong - the difference is likely not as pronounced.

We are now about to close on a house in downtown Palo Alto which we never thought we could have bought. I think a huge part of us getting it was Juliana's strategy and that people preferred to work with her.

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants RESULTS. And remember that real estate is a referral business. One only gets to the top if people keep referring you!


What Do my Real Estate Clients Say?

Knowing that I can make a difference in people's lives is very strong motivation. I've posted letters of recommendation from people whom I've helped to buy and/or sell Silicon Valley real estate.

A Little About Who Juliana Lee Is

I was recently (Jan 2012) asked to provide a short inspirational speech to a local association of Realtors. My speech covered early events in my life which highlighted my motivation to excel as a Silicon Valley Realtor. It was well received and hopefully provided encouragement to others.

Education has played an important part in my life and in the lives of many people. I believe strongly in supporting local public education.

Interviews of Juliana Lee

KTSF Business & Lifestyle
- May 2008 (in Chinese)

KTSF real estate agent interview KTSF Interview

KTSF-TV (CH 26) keeps many Silicon Valley Asians informed about news worthy events and helps provide a sense of community. I was both pleased and honored to be the first successful local business person to be interviewed for their "Business & Lifestyle" program series.

KTSF Business & Lifestyle
- Nov 4, 2012 (in Chinese)

View more KTSF Interviews of Juliana Lee (in Chinese)

Thinking About Remodeling Your Kitchen

Many people try to decide between remodeling and buying a new home. One of the first things people want to remodel is the kitchen. It is also one of the most expensive rooms to remodel. You might get inspiration by viewing my virtual tour for kitchen ideas - beautiful kitchens, great kitchens, special kitchens.

My Diary of Building a New Palo Alto Home

Finding a lot for a new Palo Alto home Making room for a new home Foundation for a new home Below floor water, sewer, gas, ducts, etc. Framing my new home Framing begins Second story construction has begun New house beginning to take its final shape 2nd story rafters Windows installed Tyvek and siding Exterior paint Family room drywall Living room drywall bedroom wall paint

Have you been searching real estate listings and homes for sale ads without success? Building a new home might be an option if you are certain you know what you want.

People have many different reasons for building a new Palo Alto home. I want to live near down town, have an effective home office, and have a country feel to my home. A few years ago I saw an opportunity which could fulfill all of these goals. If you've thought of building a new home you may find my diary of building a new Palo Alto home both interesting and useful.

Real Estate Sales History and Real Estate Trends

For home buyers and home sellers who want to be well informed, I provide current detailed sales history and real estate market trends for many cities. The city real estate market trends are calculated for quarters, months, and years. They currently reflect home sales through Mar 19, 2017.

The local multiple listing service made changes in December 2014 in several property categories. Data used to be available by MLS city which was slightly different from the postal city. An example is Redwood Shores which is not a city but part of Redwood City. Most of my values are now reported by postal city rather than by MLS city. Another change is there used to be two classes of property: 1 single family residence and 2 condos, townhouses, etc. I now separate my home values into three categories: 1. houses; 2. townhouses; and 3. condos. The separation isn't perfect because it relies on the original listing data having been entered correctly.

Latest Monthly Home Sales Activity (Apr 30, 2017)

Home Values and Real Estate Market Trends (Apr 30, 2017)


Looking For The Top Palo Alto Real Estate Agent

Save both time and money by working with the best Silicon Valley real estate agents. Surveys of home buyers show that the number 1 reason home buyers choose to work with a real estate agent is to get help finding the best home. Connections and knowledge are key to finding the best home. Besides finding the best home, you will need to make the most attractive, competitive offer. Factors other than money play a key part in the seller's decision. I make hundreds of purchase offers each year. I have up-to-date experience and knowledge to plan and make a great offer. What if something goes wrong with your loan application or with something else? I have the experience and connections to solve nearly all problems. Work with top real estate agents who know Silicon Valley very well. For 3 years in a row I have been recognized as one of the three, and most recently as the number 1 top real estate agent nationwide at Keller Williams Realty.

My unique team approach splits up the various stages of buying a home. You will work with both myself and a core member of my team who is also a top real estate agent. My team specialist is an expert at helping you both, find a home, and to understand the trade offs you will be making. I discuss your purchase offer with you and negotiate with the seller. Get the direct support of two top Silicon Valley real estate agents working closely together for you. Give me, Juliana Lee, a call at my cell phone 650-857-1000 and let's talk about what you are looking for. If you are still just wanting to learn more about buying or selling real estate, come to my free real estate seminar.

I am in the Keller Williams Realty Palo Alto office, close to the geographic center of Silicon Valley. Work with the top Silicon Valley real estate agents. Work with the top Palo Alto real estate agents.

Juliana Lee's 2016 Silicon Valley Real Estate Sales (Partial List)

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