House Sells For More Because It Is Bugged

With the widespread use of baby cams and security cameras it was only a matter of time before stories of home owners using them to spy on prospective home buyers appeared. In an article on inman a Cincinnati/Chicago real estate agent tells how one of his sellers bugged his own home for sale so that he could listen to prospective buyers. A buyer’s real estate agent showed the house to her clients and they discussed making a full price offer while in the house. The owner/seller called his real estate agent and told him to expect a full price offer.

Later an offer was received for $20,000 below asking price. Because of the knowledge the owner/seller had gained by bugging his house, the seller held firm on his asking price. A purchase contract was signed within 12 hours at the full asking price.

Generally recording a conversation without permission is illegal. The fact that the conversation took place in the owner’s own home enabled him to justify his eavesdropping to himself.

“… it’s a wild world, It’s hard to get by just upon a smile …” (by Cat Stevens)

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