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About San Bruno

U.S. Census Facts for San Bruno

  • Total Population: 41,114
  • 15,550 housing units – 56.2% owner occupied
  • Median household income: $78,911
  • Bachelors degree or higher: 35.0%
  • Median age: 38.5

Median home price: $888,000

San Bruno is a small to moderate city with a population of 41,114 reported by the 2010 U.S. Census. Prior to the construction of Tanforan and Bayhill shopping centers, most of the retail businesses were near San Mateo Ave and El Camino Real. The city was formerly the home to the San Bruno Naval Facility which was closed in 1994. Portions of the facility were sold to a private developer who has built multi-story apartment buildings. The largest employer in the city, YouTube, is estimated to have 481 employees. The 10th largest, VantagePoint Venture Partners, is estimated to have 52.

Major employers in San Bruno are, for year 2013-14: 1) YouTube, 2) Artichoke Joe’s Casino, 3) Lash Group, 4) Target, 5) San Bruno Park School District, 6) Skyline College, 7) Sears, Roebuck & Co, 8) City of San Bruno, 9) Lowe’s HIW, INC, 10) BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

San Bruno Real Estate Trends

Graph of San Bruno house prices per sq. ft. from 1998 to the present
Home prices in San Bruno reached a peak of just under $800,000 in 2007. As with many similarly priced areas prices have in 2015 surpassed that previous peak value.
Graph of San Bruno home sales price vs. list price from 1998 to the present
Demand for San Bruno homes has been strong since the beginning of 2012. In that year homes began selling over list price, on average.

San Bruno Schools

Map of San Bruno Schools
San Bruno Park School District
500 Acacia Avenue
San Bruno, CA 94070
San Bruno Park School District Website

San Mateo Union High School District
650 North Delaware
San Mateo, CA 94401
San Mateo Union High School District

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