Selling A Home

Juliana, off to work

Off to work.

With the widespread use of the internet there are many new real estate firms trying different approaches. Some say there is no need to hire a real estate agent when selling a home. Others say there is no need to use a real estate agent when buying a home. Both are wrong because selling a home is a people business, not just an advertising business.

Just as homeowners have always been able to hammer a “For Sale” sign into their front lawn, then sell their home to a buyer who sees the sign, it is possible to put a “For Sale” sign on the internet and sell it to a buyer who sees it. Almost always a better sale results if more prospective buyers know the property is for sale, visit the property, and have their questions and doubts addressed. Selling a home depends on information and trust.

Everyone values each specific home differently. Some prospective buyers will have no interest in your home, others will really want to own it. Buyers are always afraid they will pay more than they have to. If a buyer understands the pluses and minuses of your home, understands the condition of your home and the neighborhood, understands which other properties are for sale, and has confidence in his understanding then he will make the strongest purchase offer. The seller’s real estate agent and the buyer’s real estate agent contribute greatly to the knowledge and confidence of prospective buyers. A homeowner is almost always perceived as having a financial incentive to not disclose problems or to exaggerate benefits.

Don’t think that advertising is the most important benefit a real estate agent provides. A home is often the most valuable asset a family owns. Home sellers and buyers want to be certain that its sale or purchase have had as much skill and effort used as possible. The simple reality is that neither a homeowner nor a home buyer can have as much knowledge and efficiency as an experienced real estate agent. Selling a home depends on connecting with both home buyers and real estate agents representing home buyers. I am passionate about selling real estate. I am talking with buyers, sellers, and real estate agents every day. I am negotiating hundreds of purchase offers a year. I have been in the top 1% of real estate agents for over a decade. I have been one of the top 3 agents nationwide for each of the last 3 years at Keller Williams, our nation’s largest residential real estate brokerage.

Give me, Juliana Lee, a call at my cell phone 650-857-1000 or drop me a note.

Typical Basic Steps Selling A Home

  • Strategically set the price
  • Open an escrow account
  • Properly prepare and stage your home
  • Obtain inspection reports and disclosures
  • Market your home to real estate agents
  • Market your home to buyers
  • Hold your home open for potential buyers
  • Follow up on potential buyers and their agents
  • Understand purchase offer terms
  • Negotiate the best possible purchase agreement
  • Track all of the required agreements to finalize the purchase
  • Overcome any problems which develop

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