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About Redwood City

U.S. Census Facts for Redwood City

  • Total Population: 76,815
  • 29,005 housing units – 52.3% owner occupied
  • Median household income: $79,419
  • Bachelors degree or higher: 40.2%
  • Median age: 36.6

Median home price: $1,335,000

Redwood City is possibly most well known for being the home of Oracle and Electronic Arts. Located about 27 miles south of San Francisco and 24 miles north of San Jose, it is the midpoint for commuting to San Franciso peninsula cities. Although Redwood City only encompasses about 15.2 square miles of land it is quite diverse. The northern neighborhood of Redwood Shores is affluent and it is not possible to travel by car from Redwood Shores to the rest of Redwood City without leaving the city limits. A large dense urban area is present in the east, north, north-east and central neighborhoods. A dense suburban area includes the west, south and central-south neighborhoods. The deep south and south-west is less dense. Finally the rural hillside neighborhoods are quite upscale. Note that Emerald Lake Hills and North Fair Oaks are mostly outside the city limits but are often associated with Redwood City.

The top 10 employers in Redwood City are: 1) Oracle, 2) Electronic Arts, 3) Kaiser Permanente, 4) Silver Spring Networks, 5) Stanford Hospital, 6) Pacific Data Images (Dreamworks), 7)Genomic Health, 8) Abbott Vascular, 9), 10) Western Athletics Club

Redwood City Real Estate Trends

Graph of Redwood City house prices per sq. ft. from 1998 to the present
Home prices in Redwood City peaked at a little over $800,000 in 2007. Like many similarly priced areas home prices began surpassing that peak in 2013.
Graph of Redwood City home sales price vs. list price from 1998 to the present
Demand for Redwood City homes has been growing since the beginning of 2012. The trend for sales prices to go over list price has been getting stronger both in how many homes are sold over list price and on average how much over list price the homes sold for.

Redwood City Schools

Map of Redwood City Schools
The Redwood City School District provides K-8 education for Redwood City and portions of San Carlos, Menlo Park, Atherton and Woodside.
The Sequoia Union High School District provides 9-12 education for Redwood City.

Redwood City School District
750 Bradford St
Redwood City, CA 94063
Sequoia Union High School District
480 James Ave
Redwood City, CA 94062

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