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Woodside Parks

The Town of Woodside is and wishes to remain a rural residential community. Its total population is a little over 5,000 people. The recreation opportunities wanted by its residents are different from urban parks.

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City of Woodside, CA - Parks

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Barkley Fields

  • Location: 5001 Farm Hill Blvd
  • Description: The town of Woodside's only park and playing fields
  • Amenities: Soccer and little league baseball fields. Childrens playground.

Huddart Park

  • Location: 1100 Kings Mountain Rd
  • Description: A 974 acre San Mateo County Park
  • Amenities: Second-growth coast redwood forest and mixed evergreen forest. Extensive trail system for hiking and horseback riding. Picnic areas with volleyball courts and horseshoe pits.

Wunderlich Park

  • Location: 4040 Woodside Rd
  • Description: A 942 acre San Mateo County Park
  • Amenities: Mostly undeveloped with hiking and horseback trails. Includes the historic Folger Stable. There are no picnic areas.


  • Location: 86 Canada Rd
  • Description: A 654 acre country estate from the early 20th century maintained as a historic site.
  • Amenities: 36,000 sq. ft. Georgian country house. 16 acre English Renaissance garden. Cafe and gift shop.


Pictures of Woodside CA Parks