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Union City Parks

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City of Union City, CA - Parks

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Accinelli Park

  • Location: 4525 Navarro Dr
  • Description: A soccer field
  • Amenities: Artificial turf soccer field (no food or beverages with sugar allowed on artificial turf), playground for children, and restrooms.

Arroyo Park

  • Location: 35199 Perry Rd
  • Description: Good sized developed park
  • Amenities: Four tennis courts, two basketball courts, grass covered area, playground for children, and restrooms.

Casa Verde Park

  • Location: Between San Juan Pl and San Pedro Way
  • Description: A long narrow park with developed areas.
  • Amenities: Play equipment for children, basketball court, and open areas.

Contempo Park

  • Location: 32550 Meteor Dr
  • Description: A large developed park.
  • Amenities: Play structures, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, swimming pool, small hall, and restrooms.

Dry Creek Pioneer / Garin Regional Park

  • Location: 1320 Garin Ave, Hayward
  • Description: A lark natural area.
  • Amenities: Hills, fields, streams, and a seasonal visitor center on ranching history.

Kennedy Community Center and Park

  • Location: 1333 Decoto Rd
  • Description: A large developed park and community center near Logan High.
  • Amenities: Play structures, grass fields, picnic areas, and restrooms.

Old Alvarado Park

  • Location: 3871 Smith St
  • Description: A developed park with a large gazebo.
  • Amenities: Farmers market on weekends, grass, benches, gazebo, play equipment.

Sea Breeze Park

  • Location: 32600 Carmel Way
  • Description: A large open park near tide lands.
  • Amenities: Play structures, two baseball diamonds, and picnic areas.

Seven Hills Park

  • Location: 376 Florence St
  • Description: A small park with play equipment.
  • Amenities: Play equipment, basketball court, restrooms.

Town Estates Park

  • Location: 3438 Andover Dr
  • Description: A large park near Kitayam Elementary
  • Amenities: Play equipment, basketball court, baseball diamond.

Veterans Park

  • Location: 4525 Dyer St
  • Description: A good sized developed park.
  • Amenities: Play equipment, six tennis courts, baseball diamond, picnic tables.

William Cann Civic Center Park

  • Location: 34009 Alvarado-Niles Rd
  • Description: A park known for its skate park.
  • Amenities: Large skate park, baseball diamond, picnic tables, play equipment, a lagoon.

William Cann Neighborhood Park

  • Location: Marsh Hawk Rd and Dowe Ave
  • Description: A small park near Alameda Creek.
  • Amenities: Play equipment, trees.


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