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Silicon Valley Real Estate Market Trends - June 17, 2024

The map below shows increases in Silicon Valley median home prices by location.

Point your cursor at the home price increase label to display the city name. Click on the growth label to jump to detailed real estate trends for that Silicon Valley city. We update over 22,000 graphs for 37 Silicon Valley cities and their neighborhoods approximately twice a month.

Map Of Silicon Valley Real Estate Median Price per Sq.Ft. Trends

The value shown on the map is the percentage change from the previous year's median price per sq.ft. to the current year's. The current year median price per sq.ft. will change as more homes are sold. The value will sometimes change dramatically early in the year. The number of closed sales is shown after the percentage change. Typically, about 30 or more sales have to close before the percentage change value begins to stabilize.

Show Zip Code Map. Alternatively visit the zip code index table to find links to the most recent real estate sales or to find links to zip code real estate trends. We update over 6,000 graphs for over 80 zip codes in Silicon Valley roughly twice a month.

Index by City to Real Estate Trends

San Mateo County And Santa Clara County Nearly Encompass Silicon Valley

Although Fremont, Newark and Union City are often considered part of Silicon Valley, the Silicon Valley real estate market trends can be seen by looking at San Mateo County and Santa Clara County.

San Mateo County - Silicon Valley Real Estate Trends

San Mateo County quarterly house price per sq.ft.
San Mateo County house sales price vs. list price

Santa Clara County - Silicon Valley Real Estate Trends

Santa Clara County quarterly house price per sq.ft.

Comparing the San Mateo County house price trends to the Santa Clara County house price trends shows how economic policies can affect areas similarly or differently. Both counties show a year-long price spike beginning in 2000 caused by the dot-com bubble. Similarly both counties show a sharp drop in prices beginning in 2008 due to the mortgage crisis. However Santa Clara County shows a noticeable bump up in 2018 due to buyers wanting to beat an expected interest rate increase while San Mateo County shows only a slight bump up followed by a fairly flat period. Again in 2021, the expected interest rate increases, coupled with fewer sellers due to the Covid pandemic, lead to a noticeable spike upwards this time for both San Mateo County and Santa Clara County.

Santa Clara County house sales price vs. list price

Most often, house sales prices in Santa Clara County exceed the asking price. This varies with the price range however.

Looking at sales price vs. list price makes changes in the real estate market very easy to see. When sales prices exceed list prices, rising prices generally follow. Homes in expensive areas may mostly sell under list price, but a downward shift in the percentage below sales price indicates falling prices will probably follow.

Table of Median Price Per Sq.Ft. For Silicon Valley Cities

A very simple and quick view of Silicon Valley real estate market trends is available in the table below. The current year's median price per sq.ft., the percent increase so far this year, and the percent increase in each of the previous two years is listed for houses sold for most Silicon Valley cities.

CityNo. SalesSq.Ft. Price2024 Change2023 Change2022 Change
Atherton 27$1,9186.4%-1.6%3.5%
Belmont 65$1,40416.8%-7.5%6.3%
Brisbane 3$1,25053.0%-7.2%0.5%
Burlingame 51$1,3771.6%-4.1%2.7%
Campbell 77$1,24813.4%-2.3%9.5%
Cupertino 100$1,69210.9%0.8%10.2%
Daly City 96$8599.7%-9.2%5.9%
East Palo Alto 34$8484.6%3.4%0.4%
Foster City 37$1,1599.8%-10.3%6.8%
Fremont 343$1,10712.8%0.1%9.1%
Hayward 215$6757.7%-4.8%5.5%
Hillsborough 37$1,4375.7%-6.7%6.9%
Los Altos 91$1,8417.1%-0.7%6.6%
Los Altos Hills 21$1,446-2.8%-4.0%10.5%
Los Gatos 126$1,2853.9%-2.6%12.8%
Menlo Park 112$1,5734.5%-5.8%6.2%
Millbrae 44$1,20010.1%-8.9%4.8%
Milpitas 78$1,06015.4%-2.1%10.7%
Monte Sereno 13$1,58919.8%-2.3%7.5%
Mountain View 86$1,6665.5%3.4%4.4%
Newark 93$95117.5%-2.3%8.4%
Pacifica 62$96012.0%-11.5%6.9%
Palo Alto 154$1,8703.9%-3.8%5.5%
Portola Valley 28$1,4001.5%-5.1%11.1%
Redwood City 152$1,2267.3%-7.2%6.3%
Redwood Shores 11$1,1718.3%-15.8%5.4%
San Bruno 51$9916.7%-4.0%1.5%
San Carlos 79$1,39112.9%-9.9%6.6%
San Jose 1445$1,01310.9%-1.5%8.1%
San Mateo 173$1,1952.9%-5.8%5.3%
Santa Clara 167$1,37217.4%-1.5%7.5%
Saratoga 88$1,61211.0%1.9%9.2%
South San Francisco 68$9136.7%-4.0%-0.1%
Sunnyvale 177$1,4958.9%-3.2%8.3%
Union City 87$87611.4%1.6%3.1%
Woodside 28$1,39712.4%-13.6%8.2%


Index Tables

Understanding Home Values

There are two different things to look at to get an understanding of home values: 1) recent sales, 2) real estate trends.

By looking at recent home sales you can judge the current attitudes of home buyers. By looking at real estate trends you can see how attitudes have shaped homes sales in the past and how they might be changing.

New House Price Trends

JLee Realty now shows Silicon Valley house prices using a plot that makes it easy to see changes in the appreciation rate.

Constant home price appreciation shows a straight line.

Old House Price Trends

Previously JLee Realty showed house prices using a simple plot that made reading the prices easy but changes in the appreciation rate weren't easy to see.

Constant home price appreciation does not show a straight line.

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