Quotes From Home Owners Who Had Me Sell Their Home

She sold the house in six days for terms far superior to what I've seen anyone else achieve, getting a price 6% above the list cost. I'd like to take lessons in negotiations from Juliana.

Sandra Williams - East Meadow Drive Contact via email

To our amazement she sold the house very quickly for $850,000 in as is condition. If you take account the roof, that's $60,000 more than we were even hoping for. But Juliana knows the market and is a professional.

Wanchun Dai and Bin Tang - Sweet Ave Contact via email

"..We just had our third transaction with Juliana.. She is not pushy, but when she gets going, nothing stops her.."

Christina Aquilonius cont 2 cont 3 - Mathematics Instructor, West Valley College

...You were prepared to describe the plusses and minus' of each proposal easing the decision of which bid to accept. In the end you secured the highest offer from the most qualified buyer with a highly experienced agent.

Peri Neri And Bill Steffenhagen - Woodhams Road

Each call we made or email we sent was promptly answered by someone on Juliana's team. Never once did we feel like we were alone in selling our house.

Lynn Zhu & Dr. Gao Liu - Showers Drive Contact via email

I was totally mesmerized watching you... You really care about your clients

Judy - Gilbert Avenue

Call Juliana... Start packing!