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Organizing Your Home - April 13, 2022

Professional Space Organization

Effective space organization will make your home more attractive, enjoyable, and valuable.

Professional home organizers have developed tactics to efficiently achieve all of these goals. Anabell and Melody of Peony Space Organizers, shared their tips in a recent seminar they co-hosted with JLee Realty.

Some of their tips:

  • Look around a room, noting areas that feel cluttered
  • Consider how you could improve the room's functionaltiy.
  • Use zoning, functionality, and categorizing.
  • Label storage bins to ensure consistency.
  • Set a timer.
  • After its organized, make it pretty.
  • Does it have a focal point? Does it have personal touches?
  • Touch up areas if they don't reflect your current needs and tastes.

Peony Space Organizers
Melody Cornejo & Anabell Herrera
650.931.773 // 650.773.6108