My Pledge to You:

I will give as much attention, thought and effort to the sale of your home as I would to the sale of my own home. My goal is to have each sale be one step in a life long relationship. I want each of my clients to recommend me to others and to turn to me first if they need help or advice.

My Goals:

  1. Maximize your profit on the sale of your home.
  2. Sell your home quickly without making sacrifices.
  3. Minimize the inconveniences you face while selling your home.

Yes, my goals are the same as yours! The difference is I've been both thinking about how to do it and doing it constantly for 20+ years. I have an experienced team working for me providing both expertise and the manpower to take care of all aspects of your sale.

Open houses are an important part of my home for sale strategy. To read a few of my recent thoughts please visit open house.

Juliana Lee's Marketing Plan

The sale of each home has many things in common with previous sales yet each sale is unique. Creatively adapting to changing market conditions and the strengths and weaknesses of each home is part of what make real estate sales always interesting to a top agent. The basic framework I use for selling a home follows.

1.) Preparing Your Home.

I will provide specific guidance on what you should do prior to placing your home on the market. The goal is to get your home in top market condition so that it will command a premium price. Properly staging your home before showing it to buyers will help you get top dollar offers.

2.) Pre-Listing Preparation

I will provide both guidance and management assistance for finding and using the various service providers that will be required to sell your home. Services needed will include: escrow, property inspection, termite inspection, home warranty, etc.

3.) Multiple Listing Service

I will register your property in the Multiple Listing Service database, making it available to over 8,000 agents in Santa Clara County alone.

4.) Lock Box

A Supra electronic lock box will provide state-of-the-art security while ensuring your home is accessible to agents to show to their buyers. This electronic lock box allows me to find out who accessed your home. Statistics show that using a lock box increases the number of buyer showings by 40%

5.) Real Estate Agents

I will deliver details about your property to local real estate agents and to Keller Williams agents nation wide within 24 hours of taking the listing. These agents are assisting and guiding buyers who are searching for just the right property. Many of our listings are sold within the first 30 days.

6.) Sign

A distinctive Juliana Lee "For Sale" sign will be placed in a prominent location. Having my name and phone number in front of potential buyers makes it very easy for someone passing by to contact me, the person most knowledgeable and motivated to sell your home. An interested person only needs to remember that the property is for sale Juliana Lee in order to easily find my phone number to call.

7.) Custom-made Brochure

I will create a high quality "fact sheet" to emphasize the desirability of your home. The goal of the fact sheet is to make a lasting impression so that prospective buyers will be interested in your home after looking at many others. The fact sheet is designed to entice people to both look further at your property on my web site and to phone me.

8.) Home Book

Not all agents will be as knowledgeable about your home and the neighborhood as I am. Therefore, I will compile posters to be left in your house which will answer most buyer questions about your home, the community facilities, schools, and the surrounding area. The objective is to provide the buyers with all the information they need to make the decision to purchase your home.

9.) Newspaper Advertisements

As a new listing, your home will be featured in the most appropriate newspapers, which usually include Palo Alto Weekly, Mountain View Voice, Palo Alto Daily News, Los Altos Town Crier and Chinese World Journal. These have proven to generate the best buyer response. I advertise several properties almost continuously which results in phone inquiries giving me the opportunity to personally promote your home.

10.) Featured Properties on the Internet.

I will advertise your home 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, world-wide on my web site. My web site provides many high quality pictures of homes I have for sale and of homes I've sold. It attracts the attention of people because of the depth of information it provides for prospective buyers.

Your home will also be featured on the web sites of the regional listing services and real estate portals. These web sites will have links to the detailed information and numerous pictures my own web site provides.

11.) Brochure Box

I will place a brochure box on a sign post in front of your home wherever it is allowed. This gives the drive-by buyer enough information about your home to become interested and to call for more information.

12.) Top Real Estate Agents

More than half of all homes in the Santa Clara County are sold by the Top 100 agents (I have been one of the top agents for many years). I will mail details on your home directly to each of those agents. In addition, I network with numerous top agents on a regular basis, and I will promote your home at every opportunity.

13.) Agent Prospecting

I will review which agents have shown houses in the same price range within the last two weeks and email them information about the home we have for sale and remind them about the special features of our house.

14.) Broker Open House.

Soon after your home is listed, I will hold it open for all agents. In addition to creating broker interest in your property, this will also reduce the number of agents who come days later to preview your home. Refreshments may be served or a cash drawing offered to increase attendance.

15.) Broker Meetings

I will personally brief hundreds of brokers and agents on the key features of your property at local broker meetings. I am an active member of various Silicon Valley Realtor associations.

16.) Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

I regularly advertise my listings. Depending upon the price and location of your home, it may be featured in the Palo Alto Weekly, Palo Alto Daily News, Town Crier, Mountain View Voice, Chinese World Journal, the San Jose Mercury News plus other periodicals.

17.) Target Marketing

I mail information on new listings to selected neighborhoods. Typically, move-up buyers purchase a home which costs 50% more than their current home. I will target information about your home to specific areas where qualified buyers are likely to reside.

18.) Personal Contacts

Every week, I email information on listings to a selected list of people who are in the market place. This includes over 700 buyers, previous customers, and others in my personal sphere of influence.

19.) Neighborhood Involvement

In 8-10% of all home sales, the buyer knows someone who lives within two blocks of the house that he or she buys. I will create interest about the sale of your home in the surrounding neighborhood.

20.) Open House

As often as possible, your house will be held open to the public to attract prospective buyers. I have my own team hold the homes I have for sale open. If I have more than one open house at the same time, I visit both. Visitors are told about the other open house and often go see it if it is closer to what they are looking for. To see a few of my recent thoughts, please visit open house.

21.) Referral Networks

30% of all homes sold here are purchased by someone coming from outside Palo Alto. As a Certified Residential Specialist, I am listed in the Residential Sales Council Referral Directory and therefore have access to incoming buyers from all over the United States. In addition, the Keller Williams and CRS referral systems are two excellent sources of buyers.

22.) Special Promotions

I employ as many unique marketing methods as necessary to get a home sold. Examples might be cash drawings to inspire showings, or broker luncheons to capture more agent attention.

23.) Showing Follow Up.

I will contact the agents who have shown your property more than once to determine the level of buyer interest and to provide additional information for the prospective buyers as required.

24.) Status Reports

I will give you regular emailed, written or verbal reports to include actions taken, actions needed, current and planned advertising, feedback on showings, and changes in the market conditions that may affect the sale of your home.

25.) Partnership

The process is a team effort. My job is to market your home while your job is to set the price. I interpret the market and provide you with experienced advice and explanations enabling you to make wise choices.