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San Mateo Parks

San Mateo parks range from tiny mini parks such as Bay Tree Park, to the large regional open spaces and recreation areas such as Sugarloaf Mountain and Coyote Point Recreation Area. The San Mateo City park website is at

Bay Tree Park

Bayside/Joinville Park

Beresford Park

Casanova Park

Central Park

Concar Playground

Coyote Point County Park

DeAnza Historical Area

East Hillsdale Park

Fiesta Meadows Park

Gateway Park

Harborview Park

Hayward Park Square

Indian Springs Park

Lakeshore Park

Laurelwood Park

Laurie Meadows Park

Los Prados Park

Mariners Island Park

Martin Luther King Jr. Park

Parkside Aquatic Park

Senior Center

Shoreline Parks (Ryder, Bayfront, Seal Point)

Shoreview Center

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sunnybrae Playground

Trinta Park

Washington Playground

West Hillsdale Park