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Estate Planning, Trusts, Probate, and Taxes.

Most homeowners have heard about probate and many have set up living trusts to keep their assets from going into probate. Good estate planning requires more. The video following provides a great discussion giving an overview of what you need to consider. Of course every person's situation is different. You can not just check off each item discussed and expect to have good good estate planning. The video will prepare you to build a good estate plan.

Seminar Video - Estates, Trusts, Taxes co-hosted by John C. Martin, Esq.


Three Goals Of Estate Planning

  1. Incapacity planning.
  2. Wealth transfer planning.
  3. Beneficiary protection.

Four Wealth Preservation Achievements

  1. Avoid administrative delay.
  2. Minimize or even eliminate estate tax.
  3. Minimize or eliminate reassessment for property tax.
  4. Protect assests now and for future generations.

Three Classes Of Your Estate

  1. Probate estate.
  2. Taxable estate.
  3. Assets outside of your estate.

Proposition 19

Proposition 19 made significant changes to the taxes on inherited property. In addition to the comments made in the above video, see our Proposition 19 page that has a both a seminar video that was also co-hosted by John C. Martin, Esq. and a written discussion of the Propostion 19 rules.

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