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Redwood City Parks

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City of Redwood City, CA - Parks

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Andrew Spinas Park

  • Location: 2nd Ave / Bay Road
  • Description: A 1.46 acre neighborhood park with restrooms.
  • Amenities: Basketball courts, tennis courts, picnic area, playground and restrooms.

Dolphin Park

  • Location: Between Shoreline Dr and Turkshead Ln
  • Description: A 2.36 acre park with a play area and tennis courts.
  • Amenities: Two tennis courts, one picnic area, grass turf area, play area for 2-5 year olds, play area for 6-12 year olds

Dove Beeger Park

  • Location: Whipple Ave / Circle Rd
  • Description: A 1.0 acre park
  • Amenities: Play equipment and picnic area

Fleishman Park

  • Location: Locust St / McEvoy St
  • Description: A 0.63 acre park
  • Amenities: Play equipment, picnic area, BBQ pits, and restrooms

Garrett Park

  • Location: 3600 block of Glenwood Ave
  • Description: A 6.9 acre park
  • Amenities: Play equipment, picnic area, and BBQ pits

Hawes Park

  • Location: Hudson St / Roosevelt Ave
  • Description: A 1.59 acre park
  • Amenities: Ball fields and restrooms

Hoover Park

  • Location: Woodside Rd / Spring st
  • Description: A 10.18 acre park
  • Amenities: Ball fields, paly equipment, picnic area, BBQ pits, basketball courts and restrooms

Jardin de Ninos Park

  • Location: Middlefield Rd / Chestnut St
  • Description: A 0.31 acre neighborhood
  • Amenities: Children's play area

Linden Park

  • Location:Linden St / Park St
  • Description: A 0.22 acre neighborhood park
  • Amenities: A children's play area

Maddux Park

  • Location: Maddux Dr / Kensington Rd
  • Description: A 0.62 acre neighborhood park with restrooms
  • Amenities: A children's play area, picnic area, and restrooms.

Mariner Park

  • Location: Between Barkentine Ln and Teredo Dr
  • Description: A grass area with views of Steinberger Slough.
  • Amenities: A grass turf area with trees.

Marlin Park

  • Location: Neptune Dr and Cringle Dr
  • Description: An 11.15 acre park.
  • Amenities: Basketball court, baseball diamond/football field, two tennis courts, play area, open turf field, restroom.

Mezes Park

  • Location: Warren St / Standish St
  • Description: A 1.67 acre park
  • Amenities: Play equipment, picnic area, tennis courts, basketball courts, and restrooms

Palm Park

  • Location: Hudson St / Palm Ave
  • Description: A 0.9 acre park
  • Amenities: Play equipment, picnic area, BBQ pits

Preserve Park

  • Location: 225 Shearwater Pkwy
  • Description: A 3.5 acre park.
  • Amenities: Picnic area, tennis courts.

Red Morton Commumity Park

  • Location: 250 Howard Drive
  • Description: A 31.74 acre park.
  • Amenities: Basketball courts, tennis courts, ball fields, picnic-barbecue facilities, open space, children's play area and restrooms.

Sandpiper Park

  • Location: Egret Ln and Redwood Shores Pkwy
  • Description: An 11.07 acre park.
  • Amenities: A playing field (football, soccer, etc) behind Sandpiper school and childrens play area.

Shannon Park

  • Location: Davit Ln and Mendocino Way
  • Description: A 1.87 acre park.
  • Amenities:Childrens play area and grass area.

Shore Dogs Park

  • Location: 1300 block of Radio Rd.
  • Description: 0.69 acre fenced open area
  • Amenities: Fenced open area for dogs to run.

Shorebird Park

  • Location: Marine Pkwy and Island Dr
  • Description: A 3.68 acre park with picnic area and restroom.
  • Amenities: Picnic area, BBQ pits, two tennis courts, and a restroom.

Stafford Park

  • Location: King St / Hopkins Ave
  • Description: A 1.62 acre park which is home of the Briarwood/El Camino Little League.
  • Amenities: Children's play equipment, picnic area, BBQ pits, and restrooms.

Stulsaft Park & Pool

  • Location: 3737 Farm Hill Blvd
  • Description: A 42.06 acre park with restrooms.
  • Amenities: Picnic area, barbecue pits, play equipment, and restrooms.

Wellesley Crescent Park

  • Location: Edgewood Rd / Arlington Rd
  • Description: A 0.75 acre park with a picnic area.
  • Amenities: Picnic area.

Westwood Park

  • Location: Westwood St / Briarfield Ave
  • Description: A 0.25 acre neighborhood park with play equipment.
  • Amenities: Play equipment, trees, and grass area.


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