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About Union City

U.S. Census Facts for Union City

  • Total Population: 69,516
  • 21,4371 housing units – 65.1% owner occupied
  • Median household income: $82,564
  • Bachelors degree or higher: 35.0%
  • Median age: 37.1

Median home price: $785,000

Union City was incorporated on January 13, 1959, combining the communities of Alvarado, New Haven, and Decoto. In the 1950s Alvarado and Decoto were targeted for annexation by Newark, Hayward, and what became Fremont. The communities decided to incorporate themselves into a single city and named it after the early community founded by John and William Horner. Union City is home to three large health care providers: a Kaiser Permanente facility, a Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, and Nakamura Clinic of Washington Hospital.

Major employers in the city are: 1) Southern Wine and Spirits, 2) New Haven Unified School District, 3) Wal-Mart, 4) Axygen Scientific, 5) Abaxis, 6) Kaiser Permanente, 7) City of Union City, 8) Ajax Custom Manufacturing, 9) OSI, Inc., 10) Blommer Chocolate

Union City Real Estate Trends

Graph of Union City house prices per sq. ft. from 1998 to the present
Home prices in Union City peaked in 2007 at about $800,000. Like many similarly priced areas home prices just reached or started surpassing that peak in 2015.
Graph of Union City home sales price vs. list price from 1998 to the present
Union City shows a common trend of sharp price increases near the beginning of the year with sale prices over list prices. Near the middle of the year sale prices tend to be closer to list prices.

Union City Schools

Map of Union City Schools
New Haven Unified School District
34200 Alvarado Niles Road
Union City CA 94587
New Haven Unified School District Website


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