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Looking at Silicon Valley new homes for sale will show you what home-building professionals believe is most desired. Whether you are committed to buying an Sunnyvale new home for sale or simply considering it, taking a look at just new homes can help you spot a feature you want.

When interest rates are high, fewer new homes are built. Additionally, the high cost of residential lots makes it difficult for a builder to get a good rate of return on building a new house unless it is a large up-scale home. In Silicon Valley, a higher percentage of new homes are typically built in the more expensive areas. When a developer builds a community of new homes, they may not list all of their homes on the multiple listing service. At various times, some cities will not have any new homes for sale on the multiple listing service.

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Sunnyvale New Construction

Seeing the increased value resulting from demolishing a house and building a new house can help you understand the trade-offs of different home purchases and sales.

By searching the multiple listing service records for properties whose age is 0 and comparing the sales price to the previous sales price, an estimate of the increase in value achieved when replacing a home with a new home can be calculated. As seen in the plot below, there is a very wide difference in the increase in value between homes. Currently, in 2024, a rough cost estimate for building a new home is $450 per sq.ft.

Sunnyvale Demolish And Build New, Realized Increased Value

For more detail visit our Sunnyvale new construction page.

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