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About Monte Sereno

U.S. Census Facts for Monte Sereno

  • Total Population: 3,341
  • 1,259 housing units – 90.7% owner occupied
  • Median household income: $182,417
  • Bachelors degree or higher: 78.9%
  • Median age: 49.3

Median home price: $2,600,000

Monte Sereno is a small town of approximately 1.56 square miles with a population of 3,341 and is located in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It has no commercial zoning and is entirely residential. 99% of the homes are single family housing. Monte Sereno was incorporated in 1957.

Monte Sereno Real Estate Trends

Graph of Monte Sereno house prices per sq. ft. from 1998 to the present
Home prices in Monte Sereno, like those in Saratoga, had large swings during the dot com bubble in 2000. Since 2012 prices have trended upwards with a lot of volatility
Graph of Monte Sereno home sales price vs. list price from 1998 to the present
Demand for Monte Sereno homes is fairly balanced with offer price. Most homes are selling near list price.

Monte Sereno Schools

Map of Monte Sereno Schools
Most of Monte Sereno’s elementary school students are served by either the Los Gatos Union Elementary School District or the Saratoga Elementary School District. Most Monte Sereno high school students are served by the Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District. A few students attend schools in either the Campbell Union School District or the Campbell Union High School District.

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