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About Milpitas

U.S. Census Facts for Milpitas

  • Total Population: 66,790
  • 20,744 housing units – 65.6% owner occupied
  • Median household income: $95,466
  • Bachelors degree or higher: 40.8%
  • Median age: 36.8

Median home price: $845,000

Milpitas is located on the southeast corner of the San Francisco Bay where agricultural and undeveloped land was common long after Silicon Valley established its reputation as a high-tech center. In more recent years highway 237 which leads from the south end of the San Francisco Peninsula into Milpitas has become the main access route to many networking and other high-tech companies.

Milpitas Real Estate Trends

Graph of Milpitas house prices per sq. ft. from 1998 to the present
Milpitas real estate prices have shown somewhat better appreciation than similarly priced homes in other areas. For homes priced below $800K in 2007, prices have typically only reached or slightly exceeded that level by the beginning of 2015.
Graph of Milpitas home sales price vs. list price from 1998 to the present
Milpitas real estate sales prices vs. list price show a trend towards balance in the third quarter of both 2013 and 2014. This somewhat lags behind the seasonal increase in the number of homes offered for sale.

Milpitas Schools

Map of Milpitas Schools
The Milpitas Unified School District has approximately 438 teachers serving 9516 students. The student to teacher ratio is about 21.7. All of the Milpitas elementary schools are named after early Milpitas settlers.

On October 21, 2014 the board of Trustees approved a contract to purchase 6.7 acres of land on McCandless Drive for a new elementary school. The school is planned to be opened in 2019. In June 2012 the voters of Milpitas approved a bond measure which would generate $95,000,000 to renovate and repair Milpitas schools.

Milpitas Unified School District
1331 East Calaveras Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035

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