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The challenge

I love working with people. There are so many bright creative people who share their ideas and dreams. It is incredibly rewarding to help them achieve some of those dreams. People are not always perfect though. People can want something enough that they blind themselves to reality.

As an example, if you use Ebay surely you've seen items described as brand new when they obviously aren't. Sometimes those sellers think the item is close enough to new that it is "fair" to call it new. Some, when questioned about their claims will become defensive, insisting they are right. Of course there are always a few people who think taking advantage of someone's trust makes them smarter than the person whose trust they abused. There are also a few people who care nothing about others, only themselves.


Real estate sales should and can easily be a win-win transaction. If it is buyer versus seller it is too easy for someone's desire to win, their willingness to justify their own behavior, or simply their lack of knowledge, to turn what could be a very rewarding sale for both buyer and seller into a battle. Getting the best possible win for the buyer and at the same time getting the best possible win for the seller requires knowledge, creativity, and experience. Yes of course there will always be a struggle to get a little more win for one side versus the other. Let me emphasize again, knowledge, creativity, and experience are keys to achieving the most satisfaction.

Sometimes this knowledge can be so simple and obvious that it is easy to think it will always be used. Suppose the seller is moving to a new house. If the buyer can arrange his purchase and move in date to help the seller, then the seller will probably accept less money. If the seller has been offended because the buyer offered so little money for his house or, if the buyer is offended that the seller didn't take his offer seriously, a battle can begin which will cause a simple useful fact to be overlooked.

I have faced this situation a hundred times a year for twenty plus years and will not be distracted. My mind will be using everything I've done in the past, searching for new variations and also entirely new solutions for every challenge. I have a team of professionals each specializing in providing the best solution for each part of the process, supporting me. You will be working with people having the most in depth experience, most ideas, and most desire to work on each different challenge.

In depth experience

When you purchase or sell an expensive item you want to be able to trust that the other person will try to do exactly what they say or even more. You want to be sure that they know how to do it. An agent who negotiates many sales a year will have the trust and will have shown that they are skilled at resolving problems to complete a sale. They will also know better how to work with the agent they are dealing with. If your agent tries to do everything themselves, they will not be completing enough sales for very many other agents to know them.

My buyer specialist will drive you to each house you want to see, learning what you like, and learning what you do not like. As a specialist, she is very skilled, saving you time and ultimately finding you a better home. Daily discussions between me and my buyer specialist results in much better success finding the best home for you, than if only one person were doing it. The eyes and thoughts of many people are working for you.

When people are diligently performing a task they can get so involved doing a great job that they do not see the whole picture. Part of my role as CEO of my team is to make sure the whole picture is beautiful. I see the successes and challenges of many people and apply that knowledge to every transaction. I put many eyes and many minds to work, getting you the best results.


Credibility is key to successful negotiations. I do all of the negotiations for my buyers. I am negotiating with several hundred real estate agents every year. I have had negotiations with a very wide network of real estate agents, establishing wide credibility and developing many different ways to approach problems.

Call Juliana and start packing!

"I believe honesty, integrity, hard work, commitment and creativity are all necessary to craft a truly successful real estate transaction. I bring passion for my work to every transaction." - Juliana

KW Awards Ceremony - #1 Nationwide at KW

I have been ranked as one of the top 3 agents nationwide at Keller Williams for 3 consecutive years I was at KW. I was last recognized as the #1 agent nationwide at Keller Williams. Keller Williams has over 110,000 agents and is our nation's largest residential real estate company (by agent count).

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