Our Privacy Policy

We use our computers to inform our clients about real estate including: homes for sale, homes sold, real estate market conditions, and occasional new tax and other real estate laws. We keep all information confidential. We do use other businesses from time to time to send post cards and other "paper" mail. They are provided with the addresses we wish to mail to. They are required to keep the information confidential.

When making an offer on a house, financial information is exchanged between the buyer, the seller, the title company, often one or more mortgage companies, and insurance companies. We do not keep customer's financial information on our computers nor do we share it with anyone without our client's permission.

We do keep records of our clients' real estate transactions. We may access these records if needed using a computer, but the media they are stored on is not left connected to any computer.

The only client information kept on our computers is contact information, which is solely used to keep us in contact with our customers. The information is not sold, traded, nor given to anyone for any other use.