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Palo Alto Parks

Palo Alto parks vary dramatically in size and amenities. Each Palo Alto park has a short description and list of amenities. Thirty three parks are shown below. Click on any of the park names on the map and the page will scroll to display the description of the park.

City of Palo Alto, CA - Parks

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Bol Park

  • Location: 3590 Laguna Avenue (between Barron and Matadero Avenues)
  • Description: A 13.8 acre park with a beautiful undeveloped meadow and meandering creek. This park was named after Cornelis Bol.
  • Amenities: a jogging path, wood benches, a large climbing structure, and a one-mile bicycle path running from Gunn High School to Arastradero Road.
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Bowling Green Park

  • Location: 474 Embarcadero Road
  • Description: A 1.86 acre lawn bowling area with a clubhouse and rest rooms.
  • Notes: Maintained by the city, but membership is required to use the facility.

Boulware Park

  • Location: 410 Fernando Avenue (east of El Camino Real and south of Oregon Expressway)
  • Description: A 1.5 acre park with an open grassy area,
  • Amenities: Basketball court, picnic area with barbeque facilities, and toddler playground.

Bowden Park

  • Location: 2380 High Street (Alma Street at Oregon Expressway)
  • Description: A 2.0 acre park with open grassy area and mounds. The park has lovely landscaping and a small redwood grove.
  • Amenities: Toddler playground with two climbing structures, benches, and picnic tables.

Briones Park

  • Location: 609 Maybell Avenue (between Foothill Expressway and El Camino Real)
  • Description: A 4.1 acre park with a large shaded grass area surrounded by hills and a large bridge.
  • Amenities: Picnic areas, toddler play equipment, swings, and a climbing structure.

Byxbee Park

  • Location: 2375 Embarcadero Road (near the San Francisco Bay)
  • Description: Large open space land with trails and many water birds. Numerous artistic elements were incorporated into the park's design. The trails are covered in crushed oyster shells.

Cameron Park

  • Location: 2101 Wellesley Street (between College and Stanford Avenues)
  • Description: A 1.1 acre park with playground equipment and picnic tables.

Cogswell Plaza

  • Location: 264 Lytton Avenue (at Bryant Street)
  • Description: A 0.5 acre park with an open grassy area and redwood trees. Free concerts are held at noon on Thursdays during the summer months.
  • Amenities: Benches.

El Camino Park

  • Location: 100 El Camino Real (across from Stanford Shopping Center)
  • Description: Palo Alto's oldest park has a soccer field and softball field with bleachers and lights.
  • Amenities: Soccer field, softball field, bleachers and lights.

El Palo Alto Park

  • Location: 117 Palo Alto Avenue (corner of El Camino Real and Alma Street)
  • Description: A 0.5 acre park preserving "El Palo Alto", the redwood tree for which Palo Alto is named. A pedestrian bridge crosses San Francisquito Creek to Menlo Park.
  • Amenities: Only a couple benches.
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Foothills Park

  • Location: 3300 Page Mill Road
  • Description: A 1,400 acre preserve open to Palo Alto residents and their guests only. In includes rugged chaparral, woodland, fields, streams, a lake, spectacular views of the bay area, and wildlife.
  • Amenities: hiking trails, lake for fishing and boating, camping facilities, picnic facilities, rest rooms, and a Nature Interpretive Center.

Greer Park

  • Location: 1098 Amarillo Avenue (at West Bayshore)
  • Description: A 22 acre park with many large grassy areas used by a variety of sports activities.
  • Amenities: five soccer fields, three softball fields, on little league diamond, two basketball courts, a picnic area with barbeques, a par course, skateboard bowl, toddler playground, a climbing structure, and rest rooms.

Heritage Park

  • Location: Homer Avenue and Waverly Street
  • Description: Palo Alto's newest park. 2.01 acres in size with an open grass covered area and a children's playground. A large Coast Live Oak was moved to the sandy playground area in 2003. The park was officially opened in 2006.
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Hoover Park

  • Location: 2901 Cowper Street (between Colorado and Loma Verde)
  • Description: A 4.2 acre park with a large open grass area and a dry creek bed filled with boulders and pebbles.
  • Amenities: two tennis courts, two handball courts, tennis backboard, softball field, picnic facilities, with barbeques, toddler playground, two climbing structures, and a multi-purpose concrete bowl with a basketball hoop.
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Hopkins Creekside Park

  • Location: Palo Alto Avenue from El Camino to Middlefield
  • Description: A 12.4 acre strip of land bordering San Francisquito Creek which is never more than 200 feet wide.
  • Amenities: three open grassy areas with benches and tables.

Johnson Park

  • Location: Everett Avenue between Kipling and Waverley Streets
  • Description: A 2.5 acre park with community garden plots, many shaded areas, a toddler playground, basketball hoops, a sand volleyball pit, and a picnic area.
  • Amenities: toddler playground, sand and water play equipment, wide concrete slide, wooden climbing structures, basketball hoops, sand volleyball pit, and community garden plots.
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Lytton Plaza

  • Location: 202 University Avenue (Emerson & University)
  • Description: A small 0.2 acre brick paved park with benches and shade trees in the heart of downtown.
  • Amenities: Benches.

Mayfield Park

  • Location: 2300 Wellesley Street
  • Description: A 1.1 acre park with a grassy area on the site of the College Terrace Library.
  • Amenities: benches

Mitchell Park

  • Location: 600 East Meadow Avenue
  • Description: A 21.4 acre park supporting many different activities.
  • Amenities: shuffleboard courts, checkerboard/chess tables, seven tennis courts, two paddle tennis courts, four handball courts, a multi-use concrete bowl, picnic areas with barbeques, toddler playgrounds, children's wading pool, a large dog run, and rest rooms.

Monroe Park

  • Location: 4305 Miller Avenue (corner of Monroe and Miller)
  • Description: A 0.55 acre park with mounded grass covered areas.
  • Amenities: toddler play area with swings and benches.

Pardee Park

  • Location: 851 Center Drive (corner of Center and Channing)
  • Description: A 9.5 acre park with a large grassy area and shade trees. It has a concrete bowl.
  • Amenities: Toddler playground, picnic facilities with barbeques, and a multi-purpose concrete bowl.
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Peers Park

  • Location: 1899 Park Boulevard
  • Description: A 4.7 acre park with a large grassy area and supporting both tennis and basketball.
  • Amenities: two tennis courts, picnic tables, toddler and school age playground equipment, climbing structures, basketball courts, and rest rooms.

Ramos Park

  • Location: 800 East Meadow Avenue
  • Description: A 4.4 acre park with shade trees named after Don Jesus Ramos.
  • Amenities: toddler playground, climbing structures, swings, spring rides, picnic facilities with barbeques, and a multi-purpose square cement slab with a basketball hoop.

Rinconada Park

  • Location: 777 Embarcadero Road
  • Description: A large 19 acre park with a community swimming pool, two large picnic areas with barbeques, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, a tennis backboard, a cemented multi-purpose bowl, a large playground for toddlers, a big kids play area with a climbing structure, sand and water play area, a large open turf area surrounded by jogging paths. The park has many large California Live Oak trees.
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Robles Park

  • Location: 4116 Park Boulevard
  • Description: A 4.7 acre park with a large open grass area.
  • Amenities: Picnic tables with barbeques, playground with sand, climbing structure with slide, and toddler swings.
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Scott Park

  • Location: 911 Scott Street (at Channing Ave)
  • Description: A small 0.4 acre park with a circular basketball court, toddler play equipment, and benches.

Seale Park

  • Location: 3100 Stockton Place (next to Matadero Creek)
  • Description: A 4.3 acre park with large area for toddlers to play, and a large open area for volleyball and soccer.

Stanford/Palo Alto Community Playing Fields

  • Location: 2700 El Camino Real (El Camino Real & Page Mill Road)
  • Description: Palo Alto's premier field sport complex. Two regulation size soccer fields with night lighting, rest rooms, snack facility, and seating area.
  • Amenities: Two regulation-size soccer fields, rest rooms, snack facility, benches and small picnic tables.

Terman Park

  • Location: 655 Arastradero Road
  • Description: A 7.7 acre park with four tennis courts, one basketball court, two soccer fields, a softball field and a walking/bicycling path at the back of the park.

Tower Well

  • Location: Alma Street and Hawthorne Avenue
  • Description: The 8,437 square foot lot is the home to the tower well built in 1910 and abandoned in 1987.
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Wallis Park

  • Location: 202 Ash Street (at Grant Street)
  • Description: A 0.3 acre park surrounded with flower beds and curved paths located in the middle of the California Avenue shopping district.
  • Amenities: Benches to sit on and enjoy the scenery.

Weisshaar Park

  • Location: 2298 Dartmouth Street
  • Description: A 1.1 acre park with two tennis courts and an open grassy area with benches.
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Werry Park

  • Location: 2100 Dartmouth Street
  • Description: A 1.1acre park with a toddler play area and a large open grass area.
  • Amenities: Toddler play area, sand, swings, climbing structure, and open grass area.
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