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Why I Am Grateful For Public Schools

More than 30 years ago, after graduating from Fu Jen law school, I came to the Bay Area to earn an MBA and start a new life. I came alone to the United States as a student. Expenses and restrictions on work were challenges I had to face. For me, education provided the knowledge and credibility to succeed professionally selling real estate. I believe many of the struggling people in our communities will use education to open the door to a better life. Education provides a way for individuals, neighborhoods, cities, and countries to achieve more, to be better.

Selling homes is a fiercely competitive business. Success depends upon skill, hard work, and creativity. Schools are at the heart of success. I donate regularly to Partners in Education (papie.org a local nonprofit foundation supporting local public schools) so that they can further help our schools. I donate regularly to clubs at our Silicon Valley public schools so that students can pursue their curiosity, their dreams. I donate regularly to the PTAs at our Silicon Valley public schools so that parents working to make our schools better will have resources.

The money I donate annually to our schools would easily let me hire a full time professional real estate assistant. I believe supporting our schools to build better opportunities for everyone, is more important.

I hope others will also take money and time from their business and add to the open hearts and open minds of our wonderful community. Please support our schools: papie.org. Visit my JulianaLeeFoundation.org website to learn more.

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