Why Choose Juliana Lee?

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My personal goal is to deliver unprecedented opportunity and value to my customers. I strive to provide outstanding customer service, and a low stress, enjoyable, and rewarding real estate experience.

Why you want me to be your Realtor.

  • My knowledge and reputation empowers me to get a better deal for you.
  • My database of contacts and my automated system reach more potential sellers and buyers.
  • My experience enables me to avoid problems.
  • My reputation helps me negotiate with other realtors from a position of strength.
  • I have a team providing expertise extending far beyond that of a single person.
  • Your goals will be better met by using me ... you will have more money and fewer problems.

Three questions you should ask before hiring a real estate agent.

Does your history demonstrate that you have the skills and experience to deliver the best results?

Shortly after joining Keller Williams in Palo Alto I served as a member of their leadership council, helping to guide the office towards becoming the most successful real estate office in Palo Alto. Prior to joining Keller Williams, I had, for many years, been a member of Coldwell Banker's International President's Elite, which is their top designation given to the top 2% of their agents. Before Coldwell Banker bought Cornish and Carey I was an Associate Vice President. Skipping quite far back to show my long history, I was the #1 Listing agent at Cornish & Carey for both 1996 and 1995. In 1994, I was in the top 15% of all C&C agents as measured by total commissions earned. In 1993, I was in the top 10%. During 1992, at my former office, I was the #1 Producing and #1 Listing agent; and in 1991, I was their #1 Selling agent.

I have been licensed since 1983, and have been an active Bay Area realtor for over two decades. My results have placed me among the top realtors for well over a decade.

What are your educational qualifications and professional credentials?

I hold both a Masters in Business Administration and a Law degree. Professionally I have earned my Certified Residential Specialist Certification, which is the highest certification level within the real estate profession.

How will you be able to give enough time to my needs?

I have a team working for me. Some of my members have been working for me for many years. My team members provide both expertise in specific areas and free up my time to manage and guide all aspects of your sale/purchase. I negotiate nearly all purchase offers for my team.

Many years ago I hired a computer consultant. Together we created a highly automated system for managing information. I am able to match homes and clients better than most real estate companies. My system provides important information and timely notification through all phases of buying and selling a home. Closing escrow is an important part of any sale. My system automatically handles all of the routine steps freeing both myself and my team to watch for any issues and resolve them before they become problems. Improvements have been constantly made to build my experience into my system.

Juliana Lee and her Team - Values and Objectives

  1. Custom fit client's needs: target what is best for each client and use the best tools and services to achieve those goals including loan programs, contract requirements, marketing, and more.
  2. Around the clock support: I and my team of specialists keep my clients informed and handle offers at all hours when needed to meet deadlines.
  3. Expert advice: I myself have over 30 years of experience as a Silicon Valley real estate agent and have completed well over 1,000 sales. My team members come from different backgrounds and bring their unique skill sets and experience adding even more to my teams' abilities. Specialization enables my team members to have more expertise than all but a few agents.
  4. Know when and which risks to consider: I and my team understand the current market and the market trends. When it is appropriate, we are not reluctant to explain why a client should walk away from a sale.
  5. Networking: Both the length of time and the yearly volume of sales has enabled me to build a very large network of clients, realtors, and real estate professionals who want to work with me and my team.

Personal Goals and Motivation

Personal goals and motivation sets real estate agents apart. From a very early age my father's law practice, which included being a judge, encouraged me and provided guidance to both excel and to be on a stage in front of many people. These traits are a basic part of me. I was recently (Jan 2012) asked to provide a short inspirational speech to a local association of realtors. My speech covered events which highlighted my motivation to excel as a realtor. It was well received and hopefully provided encouragement to others.

Call Juliana and start packing!

Palo Alto Real Estate Agent Juliana Lee

Juliana Lee MBA LLB



Certified International Property Specialist

KW Awards Ceremony - Ranked #1, #2, and #3 Nationwide at KW

Throughout my decades long real estate career I have continually looked for better ways to help my clients. I joined KW because they say their agents' efforts are more important than the brokerage. My ideas, experience, and passion for real estate sales lead me to become one of the top 3 agents nationwide at KW for three successive years. In the third year I was ranked as the #1 top real estate agent nationwide at KW. After achieving this, I reflected on how I could achieve better results for my home sellers and home buyers. I decided to leave KW and found JLee Realty.

Having my own brokerage enables me to quickly respond to changes in the real estate market, enables me to quickly try new ideas, enables me to provide better training for my team, and achieve more for my home sellers and home buyers. Having my own brokerage has removed unnecessary fences that were created to promote the nationwide brokerage and create opportunities for agents who do not want to put as much thought and effort into real estate sales.

Juliana Lee #1 Nationwide

Juliana Lee Number 1 Real Estate Agent Nationwide at Keller Williams

Nationwide Awards ceremony 2015

Juliana Lee #3 Nationwide

Juliana Lee Number 3 Real Estate Agent Nationwide at Keller Williams

Nationwide Awards ceremony 2014

Juliana Lee #2 Nationwide

Juliana Lee Number 2 Real Estate Agent Nationwide at Keller Williams

Nationwide Awards ceremony 2013