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Cupertino, California - Parks

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Cupertino Parks

Cupertino parks vary dramatically in size and amenities. Many of the Cupertino parks are also playgrounds for public schools. Each Cupertino park has a short description and list of amenities. Forty two parks are shown below. Click on any of the park names on the map and the page will scroll to display the description of the park.

City of Cupertino, CA - Parks

Click on a picnic table to display the park name.

Blackberry Farm (park map)

Cali Mill Plaza

  • Location: Intersection of Stevens Creek Blvd and De Anza Blvd
  • Description: A 1 acre park with a stainless steel sculpture, gardens, and two interactive fountains.
  • Amenities: Interactive fountains, the theme gardens, free wireless internet access.

Creekside Park (park map)

  • Location: 10455 Miller Avenue
  • Description: A 13 acre park with a pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Calabazas Creek.
  • Amenities: Family picnic areas, half-court basketball, two playground areas, three soccer fields, and an 800 sf community room.

Franco Park (park map)

  • Location: 10981 Franco Ct
  • Description: A 0.61 acre park with a pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Calabazas Creek.
  • Amenities: Picnic tables, playground area.

Hoover Park (park map)

  • Location: Leeds Avenue near Primrose
  • Description: A 5 acre park with sports facilities.
  • Amenities: Two soccer fields, half-court basketball, play equipment for toddlers and elementary children.

Jollyman Park (park map)

  • Location: Stelling Road near McClellan Road
  • Description: An 11.5 acre park with sports facilities.
  • Amenities: A partially lighted soccer field, baseball field, play equipment, and picnic areas.

Linda Vista Park (park map)

  • Location: Linda Vista Drive near Columbus
  • Description: An 11 acre site with a 100 person group barbeque facility and a large turf area.
  • Amenities: Barbeque facility, two play equipment areas (toddler & elementary), a fitness station, and a large turf area.

McClellan Ranch Park

  • Location: 22221 McClellan Road
  • Description: A 18 acre natural preserve housing a nature museum, community gardens, and old buildings. The site was a horse ranch during the 1930's and 1940's. The original barn, a replica of the Baer's Blacksmith Shop which was located at De Anza and Stevens Creek, and the old water tower from the Parish Ranch are some of the unique features.
  • Amenities: Nature museum, community garden, and historic buildings.

Memorial Park (park map)

  • Location: Stevens Creek Blvd and Mary Ave
  • Description: A 28 acre park with acres of lawn, a lake, an amphitheater, and sports fields.
  • Amenities: Amphitheater, lighted softball field, and six lighted tennis courts.

Monta Vista Park (park map)

  • Location: Foothills Blvd and Voss Ave
  • Description: A 6.2 acre park with a 10,000 sf recreation center and two tennis courts.
  • Amenities: Recreation center, two tennis courts, play fields, play equipment and family picnic areas.

Portal Park (park map)

  • Location: North Portal Avenue off Stevens Creek Boulevard
  • Description: A 3.8 acre site with a 60 person group barbeque area, play equipment, and family picnic areas.
  • Amenities: Small recreation center, group barbeque, family picnic areas, and play equipment.

Somerset Park (park map)

  • Location: Stokes Avenue near Peninsula Drive
  • Description: A 1.7 acre park with a variety of sports activities.
  • Amenities: Half-court basketball, volleyball court, picnic areas, and children's play equipment

Sterling Barnhart Park (park map)

  • Location: Stokes Avenue near Peninsula Drive
  • Description: A 0.6 acre neighborhood park with picnic tables and a grassy area.
  • Amenities: A small sport court, play structure, chessboard tables, picnic tables, and a grassy area

Three Oaks Park (park map)

  • Location: Candlelight Way near Rainbow
  • Description: A 3.1 acre park with family picnic areas and children's play equipment.
  • Amenities: Picnic areas and play equipment.

Varian Park (park map)

  • Location: Ainsworth Drive at Vista Knoll
  • Description: A 6.3 acre park with two tennis courts.
  • Amenities: Two tennis courts, picnic areas, and play equipment.

Wilson Park (park map)

  • Location: South Portal Avenue near Stevens Creek Blvd
  • Description: A 10 acre site with fitness course.
  • Amenities: Picnic areas, small recreation building, fitness course, and play equipment.