Top Home Buyer Fears With Real Estate

How We Help You With "Home Buyer Fears"


No one wants to throw money away. One of the most common things I hear from home buyers is "I wish I had listened to Juliana". Although nothing replaces the up to date advice of a top real estate agent, I publish what is almost certainly the most extensive information on Silicon Valley home values and Silicon Valley real estate market trends available to home buyers. The guidance of our buyer agents and especially the discussions you and I have, go beyond, and are more important than the thousands of pages of very useful home values and real estate market trends I have posted on my web site.

Future Repair Costs

There will always be uncertainty about the condition of any home, even brand new homes. We help you methodically try to reduce uncertainty and to understand worrisome terms such as liquefaction zone. We help you understand inspection reports and connect you with technical experts when appropriate.


Different people have different tastes. Our team includes different specialists. Our buyer agents specialize in the two way learning of helping you find what you like and to help you judge different homes. Their main goal is to help you efficiently make informed choices and to find choices you can't find on your own. We publish extensive information about cities and neighborhoods to start your learning. Our buyer agents provide you with personal and specific guidance and help.

Interest Rates

No one can predict with certainty what will happen with interest rates nor what the impact will be. We have identified, and work with some of the top home financing agents in Silicon Valley. We value being able to connect you with the very best local agents, and the home financing agents value our ability as top real estate agents to connect them with potential clients. They will give you their best service and advice. Most buyers don't seriously think about this until after they make a purchase offer, but is the loan agent they know or was recommended by a friend, truly the best loan agent to use to be certain they can get a loan, and get a loan at competitive rates? We don't make money by referring you to a loan agent. There is tremendous value in the symbiotic connection between top real estate agent <-- and --> top loan agent wanting to work together.

Is This House My Dream House

This uncertainty is rarely completely eliminated. The buyer agents on our team are top real estate agents. We want to maintain a lifelong relationship with you. Both they and I gain experience from selling over 100 homes each year to home buyers whom we want to stay connected to. Our team puts maximum effort into helping you get the home that is best for yourself.

Grand old beautiful trees can add value and pleasure but often can't be removed.

Redwood Tree about 100 years old
Pacific Live Oak over 100 years old