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Burlingame Parks

Many Burlingame parks are neighborhood parks but the Mills Canyon Park is fairly large and has trails through undeveloped areas. The large Coyote Point Recreation Area is down Peninsula Ave next to the SF Bay.

Click on any of the park names on the map and the page will scroll to display the description of the park.

City of Burlingame, CA - Parks

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Alpine Playground

  • Location: Alpine Ave and Carolan Ave
  • Description: small playground with a few nearby trees
  • Amenities: picnic tables and play area.

Bayside Dog Park

  • Location: 1125 Airport Blvd
  • Description: off-leash dog exercise area
  • Amenities: dog exercise area

Bayside Fields

  • Location: 1125 Airport Blvd
  • Description: mostly open area with ball fields.
  • Amenities: restroom, picnic, soccer, baseball

Cuernavaca Park

  • Location: Hunt and Alcazar
  • Description: good sized, flat, odd shaped park
  • Amenities: playground, restroom, picnic, basketball, soccer, baseball

Heritage Park

  • Location: Ralston and Occidental
  • Description: small park with many trees
  • Amenities: picnic

J Lot Playground

  • Location: on Primrose, south of Burlingame Ave
  • Description: small playground near business area
  • Amenities: play area

Laguna Park

  • Location: 1414 Laguna St
  • Description: two tennis courts and good sized playground
  • Amenities: playground, picnic, tennis

Mills Canyon Wildlife Area

  • Location: enter off Adeline or Arguello
  • Description: undeveloped canyon area between housing
  • Amenities: nature walk area

Paloma Playground

  • Location: Paloma and Edgehill
  • Description: playground with a couple nearby trees
  • Amenities: playground, picnic

Pershing Park

  • Location: 138 Crescent
  • Description: playground surrounded by small grass areas with trees
  • Amenities: playground, picnic, tennis, basketball

Ray Park

  • Location: 1525 Balboa
  • Description: park near school
  • Amenities: playground, restroom, picnic, tennis, basketball, baseball

Shorebird Sanctuary

  • Location: between 1404 and 1500 Bayshore Highway
  • Description: tidal flat close to SFO
  • Amenities: natural marsh

Trenton Playground

  • Location: Trenton and Rollins
  • Description: small playground close to 101
  • Amenities: playground

Victoria Park

  • Location: 30 Howard Ave
  • Description: small park close to 101
  • Amenities: playground, basketball

Village Park

  • Location: 1535 California Dr
  • Description: nicely developed park
  • Amenities: playground, restroom, picnic, basketball, soccer

Washington Park

  • Location: 850 Burlingame Ave
  • Description: large developed park near Burlingame Park and Recreation office
  • Amenities: playground, restroom, picnic, tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball


Pictures of Burlingame CA Parks