San Jose Rent Prices Increase For First Time Since March

Zumper reports median rent price increases in San Jose for the first time since March 2020. Rent prices also increased in SF for the first time since April 2020. They caution that increases are typical for this time of year so it may not indicate that effects from the pandemic are decreasing.

City1 Bed Rent (m to m)(y to y)2 Bed Rent (m to m)(y to y)
SF$2,680 (0.8% )(-23.9%)$3,500 (0.0%)(-23.1%)
San Jose$2,130 (1.9%)(-12.7%)$2,660 (0.40%)(-10.1%)
Sacramento$1,400 (-2.1%)(7.7%)$1,730 (0.0%)(15.3%)
Austin$1,200 (-2.4%)(-3.2%)$1,540 (1.3%)(1.3%)
Miami$1,600 (-3.0%)(-9.1%)$2,090 (-3.70%)(-8.3%)
Median Rent Prices

Both Austin and Miami, which are promoting themselves as alternatives to Silicon Valley, show decreases except for the increase for a 2 bedroom in Austin, which is below the nationwide median increase.

Sacramento rent prices are up year to year. Perhaps many SF and SJ renters have moved to Sacramento rather than out of California.

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