Palo Alto – A Great Community

People make communities great. Schools, job opportunities, cost of living, taxes and weather are all brought up when looking at a community but people are what make the community great. I talked to Dr. Kevin Skelly, the superintendent of the Palo Alto Unified School District, and Kathy Schroeder, the executive director of Palo Alto Partners in Education. Their knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm are instantly evident. They are striving to help our children become great, amazing people.

I hope I can make meaningful contributions to my neighborhood, to my city, … to everyone possible. Palo Alto is widely recognized for the abilities of its students. Why would I choose to make perhaps my largest single contribution to date to Palo Alto Schools? Our Palo Alto schools will effectively use the money to help make our children great amazing people. Schools make our community better. Schools make our country stronger.

Yes, Chinese people are known for their education goals, but it is not just my Chinese heritage which leads me to value education. I no longer have children in Palo Alto schools. Even colleges are mostly behind for my immediate family. My education helped me have a strong curiosity, a strong desire to understand and make things better. Dr Skelly while talking about how parents and schools could help students, first brought up encouraging the curiosity of our children. I see the strengths in my own family members being directly related to their curiosity and supported by their education. Our schools are our future.

Help our schools and our community. Contact Palo Alto Partners in Education:
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Palo Alto Partners in Education

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