October 2016 Monthly Sold Report

Recent Home Sales

I just posted my monthly sold report covering all of October 2016. If you would like to take a quick look at recent home sales please visit http://julianalee.com/real-estate-sales.htm

Tax The Wealthy?

The democratic and republican presidential candidates disagree about how the wealthy should be taxed. 2016 has seen a slow down in home price appreciation for quite a few cities. What is happening with high end home prices?

atherton-october-2016Atherton home prices are showing increases (ignore 4th qtr 2016 because of the very low no. of closed escrows).

Hillsborough home prices are showing increases (ignore 4th qtr 2016 spike)

Recent San Mateo County home price appreciation looks quite similar to both Atherton and Hillsborough.

Los Altos Hills home prices show flat home price appreciation (ignore 4th qtr 2016).

Santa Clara County home prices actually appear to have slightly better appreciation than Los Altos Hills home prices. However Los Altos, Mountain View, and Palo Alto have tended to have flat home prices in 2016.


There has been mixed appreciation at the top end of the market but there hasn’t been a surge of wealthy people putting money into real estate, whether to delay taxes on appreciation vs. immediate taxes on income or believing that opportunities in stocks, bonds, etc have changed relative to real estate.

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