Days On Market – Do you have time to buy?

Perhaps you should use DOM to judge how many houses you could miss.

With a current days-on-market of 8 days, will you miss half of the houses offered for sale? Can you see a house just once, judge if you want to make an offer, and then submit an offer in 8 days? If you have previously made rejected offers, you can probably do this in 8 days, but if you don’t see the house on the first day it is offered, you will have less than 8 days. If you are working with a full-time real estate agent, your agent will look at homes listed for sale several times daily and judge if they would be a good opportunity for you. Your time will be freed up, letting you do other high-value things without missing opportunities. If your agent has worked with you and understands your preferences, she may spot homes you skip over because they didn’t pass your first glance.

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