Consumer Confidence Index

Consumer Confidence Index – plotted by CNN Money

The Consumer Confidence Index has been climbing fairly steadily since shortly after Barack Obama took office. Most recently it climbed higher than the 111.9 level it reached in July 2007. For a more comprehensive view take a look at earlier history posted on Wikipedia.

Consumer Confidence Index 1966-2011 – Wikipedia

Compared to the peaks of about 140 in 1968 and 1999, the 113.7 level just reached in December 2016 seems just on the high side of average. Although president elect Donald Trump tweeted a congratulations to himself with a “Thanks Donald” in his own tweet, the increase follows the trend seen since the beginning of the Obama presidency. Analysts comment that with a single party as the majority in congress and in the presidency, many people think changes can be implemented to improve the business environment.

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