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Cottage or Second Dwelling on an R1 zoned lot

One of the questions that comes up over and over is can I build a cottage or second home on my property. The regulations are constantly changing but currently if your lot is large enough you might be able to. See second dwelling for more information about building a cottage or as it is typically called in the zoning regulations, a second dwelling.

Palo Alto Schools

Palo Alto schools are among the top in the country. The Palo Alto Unified School District serves children from K-12.

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Palo Alto Real Estate Statistics - Home Sales Statistics

Palo Alto real estate statistics covering more than 10 years is presented.

Palo Alto Home Sales - Just Sold

Provides a view of listing price vs. sales price and the price distribution for Palo Alto.

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Useful Contact Information - Palo Alto

Contact information is provided for many city government services and for services generally needed by homeowners and residents.

Palo Alto Neighborhoods

The real estate industry defined boundaries for "neighborhoods" many years ago. These boundaries may not match where neighborhood residents would expect. In order to be consistent with other published real estate information, I've used the industry boundaries.

Palo Alto's Neighborhoods

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