Reduce Aircraft Noise?

A significant number of people are talking about an increase in noise from aircraft flying over Palo Alto. Changes to rules governing aircraft flights have routed many more aircraft over Palo Alto and at the same time made each of the flights impose louder noise on residents.

If you wish to voice a complaint please visit the petition at

The issue has been presented by a story in the Palo Alto Online.

A group has formed to challenge the funneling of aircraft over Palo Alto which provides much more information.

Keller Williams #1 Agent Award

KW Top Agent Award - Juliana Lee

Recognized as #1 Agent for the value of homes sold and bought.


Keller Williams recognized me as their #1 agent for the value of homes I sold and bought.  With over 105,000 agents, Keller Williams is our nation’s largest real estate franchise.

There are well over a thousand people who helped me achieve this recognition and to whom I am very grateful. Thank you!

Zombie Properties

There are believed to be 18,821 zombie properties in California. If a bank notifies an owner that there is going to be a foreclosure sale on their home, the owner may move out but the bank doesn’t follow through with the foreclosure.

The home is left without anyone to maintain it or paying property taxes. The unsuspecting owner may later find that he still owns the property when legal action is taken to recover past due taxes and other bills related to the property. The owners wages may be garnished, his credit destroyed and tax refunds seized.

Cities are often forced to deal with the problems of the zombie property.

Plans for Middle Schools – Mountain View

The board of trustees on June 20 approved the design plans for modernizing both Graham and Crittendon middle schools.

MVWSD Crittenden Master Plan

MVWSD Graham Site Plan

The modernization of classrooms is expected to be finished in the summer of 2014, the library at Graham in the fall of 2014, and the new library at Crittenden in the winter of 2014.

A new sports center at Crittenden is to be completed in 2015. New auditoriums at each school are scheduled to be completed well into 2016.

Palo Alto Housing Vision 2007-2014

The City of Palo Alto and many other bay area cities have been struggling to comply with the regional housing mandate required by Senate Bill 375 (2008). The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)  have been setting the goals for individual cities to meet.

The City of Palo Alto was required to plan for 2,860 units of new housing for the 2007-2014 time period. On Monday June 17, 2013 the city council voted to adopt the needed new housing vision. A recent complication to the plan was the inclusion of the planned development of Maybell Avenue. The vote took place shortly after a zoning change was approved allowing the Maybell Avenue development to proceed forward.

City of Palo Alto June 19 Planning and Transportation Issues of Interest:

Maybell Development Approval:

Panera Bread – Opening near El Monte & El Camino Real

Panera Bread is opening near El Monte & El Camino Real at 1035-A El Monte Ave

Panera offers meals generally priced below $10 and donates daily surplus bread and pastries to local charities. They also have free wifi and free coffee refills. “The patio is probably the most beautiful of all 1,700,” – Jeff Burrill president of Pangenera.

They will donate $1 to Second Harvest Food Bank for every person who signs up for a Panera Card before June 30.

New Mountain View Homes – Plans Approved

The Mountain View City council just approved the plans for 21 detached row homes, each three-stories tall, on a mostly vacant 1.4 acre lot at 137 Easy St. The homes are planned to be from 2,000 to 2,900 sf and sell for an average price of $850,000.

Caltrain Grade Separation

Caltrain announced their trains have begun using the new San Bruno Grade Separation.… Bruno_Grade_Separation.html

The high speed rail must have all railroad crossings grade separated. On Jan 25, I published a short post about Caltrain’s plans for grade separation. Only four months have passed since then so no changes would be expected other than possible schedule changes.

The next phase, of grade separation, planned to be completed in early 2020s,  affects four crossings:

  1. 25th Ave in San Mateo
  2. Broadway in Burlingame
  3. Linden Ave in South San Francisco
  4. Center Street in Millbrae

There are still several years before work on the planned partially elevated tracks with trenched under crossings begins in the south peninsula cities.


2013 Distinguished School – Graham Middle School, Mountain View

Isaac Newton Graham Middle School has been named a distinguished school for 2013. Graham’s Academic Performance Index rose 33 points from 815 in 2011 to 848 in 2012. Graham’s API increased by 53 points for Latinos, 63 points for socioeconomically disadvantaged, and by 50 points for English learners.

Graham Middle School website

Wildflower Covered Hills in Palo Alto

Craig Dremann and others have a dream of returning native California plants to many local areas. The “Poppy Project” removed non-native weeds from an area above the Pearson-Arastradero Preserve parking lot and replanted it with seeds from local poppies.

If you’ve seen the areas in Southern California around Gorman or the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve when the flowers are blooming you must be hoping for success restoring local areas

Visit to learn more.